You Have 995 Days Left

On December 22nd I began the “101 things in 1001 days” challenge – so far so good although I just remember I skipped breakfast and that’s one of my things not to do… I’m just gonna pick a few out and say why I’m doing them, and hopefully you can share some of your “things”.

Improve my mental health through medical help – This is a tough one because I don’t talk about it, or try not to bring it up. I do have a mental health problem, although my doctor thinks it’s more a physiological problem with my brain, and I have been referred to a psychologist to get rid of any bad things in my head. Now, I don’t know whether this is my “thing” or my psychologist’s – you see, I was referred 7 months ago for an appointment… still waiting. So until I get an appointment this particular thing can’t be crossed off!

Get my GED – Now you need to know that I did not finish high school, oh so stupid, or not?  I want to get my GED diploma by taking web-based prep classes: offered by GED Easy so everything I ever wanted in life will get in reach. It’ll be not that easy, but this really is a great program that makes learning a bit of fun again!

Blook, doing it right next time

How should a fiction writer use the web? Should I limit myself to the plain text? There are powerful reasons to do so. Art thrives in boundaries. A communication needs a channel that both the writer and reader can understand. In a way, boundaries are a common comfort zone.

When these limits are breached, the readers are not really sure of what’s going on, nor the writers. I don’t think anybody is yet sure of what this whole online fiction writing would turned out to be; if it finally turns out to be something.

Cinema, before Eisenstein and Chaplin was not meant to be an art. Just an amusement for the less cultivated. I believe online fiction writing is passing through the same process; only more complicated. You could use a blog, a newsgroup, a wiki, twitter, a social engine or even combine all those resources together. And then there are text, photographs, video, interactivity, links, comments…

Mastermind group: choose your own personal government

When I was a kid I had no imaginary friends; I have an imagi-Nation. The Sovereign Duchy of Borgonnia. You see I was born in Tenerife but lived in Gran Canaria. So what, you say? So there is an unhealthy rivalry between the two islands. Living in Gran Canaria I was always the chicharrero (”fish eater”) and when I went to my grandparents’ island on Tenerife I was the gofión (”gofio eater”) or even the traitor.

The great todoodlist experiment.

Have you noticed I’m a todoodlist affiliate? Seen that withe and blue square box to the right? Some weeks ago I bought the ebook. My first impression? Well isn’t this nice?

Todoodlist = To-do list + Mindmap

That’s the todoodlist in a nutshell, and what captivated me in the first place. I knew mindmapping since my seminary years. Then I used the technique to help me understand Philosophy, Theology and prepare essays. Later as a high school teacher I used it to prepare classes, and even for presentations. At both tasks the mindmaps were successful.

So I liked it enough to choose it to be one of the firsts products I’d promote in my newbie blog.