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Three years….!

It’s hard to believe that nearly three years has passed since I was elected to City Council. I haven’t had much time to update what I’ve been up to on this site, outside of posting the odd media story on something I’ve worked on, as I’ve been kept pretty busy tackling the issues we campaigned on. Personally, I’m most proud of our work on ending homelessness in the city.

Our strategy has been to plug the gaps in Vancouver’s housing that help people get off the streets, but also to prevent homelessness in future. The HEAT shelters were our first step that brought people who were sleeping hard on our sidewalks inside where they could get food, and for many for the first time where they could get basic medical and psychiatric care. We followed this up with interim housing at Dunsmuir House and the Bosman Motor Hotel, where folks are being housed and cared for while we secured the funding for the permanent supportive housing which is now being built.

I am happy to say that folks from the shelters and those under-housed across the city are now moving into this housing as it opens to continue their recovery. It has been amazing to see how for example, one of the small HEAT shelters (Stanley New Fountain) a 40 bed shelter has been the conduit for nearly moving 300 people from the streets and into recovery. The results of plugging the gaps in housing have been clear - the Metro Vancouver homelessness count has showed a 82% reduction in street homelessness in Vancouver– or to put it into human terms, over 600 people are no longer sleeping rough and are now in recovery.

Police and independent statistics compiled by the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association document decreases in crime. These statistics and data can all be found on the city website (www.vancouver.ca/housing) and I encourage you to have a look and draw your own conclusions. You will also find our work on tackling slumlords, methadone fraud, and urban health – the latter a strategy that applies the four pillars approach to all aspects for health of a city, ranging from mental health, addiction treatment, food security, clean air and water, and adequate recreation and green space.

I particularly would like to draw your attention to the City’s housing plan for the future that not only shows how we will address homelessness, but also how we will target the needs of renters – who make up around 52% of all residents, and those wanting to own a home. Affordability is the main issue facing our city today, and one I am keen to tackle.

Over the next few months I’ll be posting more on what we have done and where we need to go next. Our council has brought a lot of positive change to Vancouver, and we are making progress tackling the issues that have been neglected for decades. On many issues like homelessness, we’ve had a great start and I am proud to have played a role in it, but there remains a lot of work to do and this is why I am seeking re-election this November with Mayor Gregor Robertson and Vision Vancouver team.

I also hope you take some time to visit the Vision Vancouver website (www.votevison.ca) where you can learn more about our accomplishments on taxes and finance, transportation, economic development, and becoming the world’s greenest city, and where you can get get to know my Vision Vancouver colleagues and learn about our newest candidates.

Feel free to contact me about any issue that you are concerned about! My e-mail is kerryjang@shaw.ca

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Kerry at the Floata: Community Reception Hosted By Chinese Consulate February 01, 2013

Kerry at the Floata: Community Reception Hosted By Chinese Consulate February 01, 2013

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