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Dear Friends,

The 2008 municipal election is shaping up to be critical to the development of our city.   Like you, I’ve seen the many changes Vancouver has undergone that ranges from a growing lack of affordable housing, increase in homelessness, dwindling support for families and communities, and the deficiencies in policing resources to name a few.

As citizens, what and how we choose to address from this growing list of problems will have a huge impact on our future in the same way we take advantage of the opportunities coming before us.
No one in the NPA has shown any leadership on these issues.  Instead, they vote to take power away from citizens.  For example, the NPA have disbanded citizen advisory boards so your voice on budgets, neighborhood redevelopment and community visioning can be ignored.  The most strident example was last summer’s unnecessary garbage strike. Although it was a priority for us to get it resolved, it wasn’t for the NPA and we were stuck with months of rotting garbage and our children’s activities ruined for the summer.

As citizens, we say we want Vancouver to go green, but NPA chose to dismantle ethical and green purchasing programs used in city operations.

We say address the problems of homelessness and the drug trade. Instead, we got “Project Civil City” that has not met any of its targets, such as reductions in homelessness or the creation of housing.
Citizens have asked for increased policing and instead the NPA used our tax dollars to hire private security guards while the needs of our police force are left unmet.  To make matters worse, they didn’t even put these private security contracts out for bid so we as taxpayers can get a better deal.

Many years ago I got involved to try to make a difference.  I’ve learned that you need to work with individuals and communities to make genuine change, and that is the approach I will take at City Hall.
The NPA won’t listen to you.  However, Vision Vancouver will.  I want to join the Vision Vancouver team led by Gregor Roberson and work hard with Councillors Raymond Louie, George Chow, Heather Deal, Tim Stevenson and community leaders Andrea Reimer to bring back your voices, your wisdom, your hopes and your dreams to City Hall.

That is why I am running for Vancouver City Council. I am asking you to support my campaign to become your Vision Vancouver candidate.

Warm regards,