A favorite movie: December Boys

“What’s the big deal about having parents anyway?”

Over the last few months I have watched but a handful of films. I spared few time for that, so I had to be picky. No dinosaurs, no weird comedies and no light adventures in which everything is a excuse to use CGI or special effects. I wanted something a bit deeper, yet not in that snobbish sense, just something that transported me out of my troubles and, afterwards, could make me think.

I found that with December Boys

This is not a review in the usual sense of it. That would not make much sense as this movie was released in 2007. No, my intention is to share what I have thought and learned from it. Hey, it’s good.

They share the same birth month, so the orphanage calls them December Boys. But these boys Maps, Spit, Spark and Misty ” have much more in common. With no hopes of ever joining a family, they form their own familial bonds. Then the unexpected news comes that a young couple may adopt one of them, and the long-time pals suddenly share something else: a rivalry to be the chosen one.



How to Make Running Fun (even if you’re fat)

Do not ever make the mistake of choosing the wrong incentive to reward good habits. If you are running for health, it’s purpose defeating to reward you after each running session with junk -but tasty- food. You are in fact telling your mind junk food is great. It isn’t.

But if you don’t love doing sports, then you have a problem? How do you reward yourself? I mean on a daily basis. On the long run, you’ll feel more healthy and that would become a great reward on its own. But the first day you run you’ll feel tired, maybe even embarrassed that people see how slow you are or how soon you get tired. That while a more fit fellow races pasts you, without even thinking about it.

You need results of some kind, now.

Need? Well, maybe you don’t. If your will is strong enough -and try to get a good will, it helps with everything- you don’t really need those.


Kaizen for mom, pop & kid

Last year? Back then? Last year? I announced you that I was about to dedicate this year to the grand experiment of personal Kaizen, and what it could do for me. I also promised to tell you about, but with this Kaizen stuff, the strategies are so small, so easy that seems nothing to call home about.

You know things like having a duster in my desk to clean my workspace. It may seem like nothing -or neurotic to some- but a cleaning as dirt happens ensures an orderly workplace, which in turn leads to a clean mind and much more productivity. Another thing I have done is to carry a small notebook wherever I go, especially running. I don’t know why but it is then that running has become a wild brainstorming session for me. So yes, I might spend almost an hour running, but it more than pay-off in energy, health, and creativity.

Running, where have you been all my life? Hiding, the little fat kid in me was too afraid of the fun people could make at me (absurd, I know, but don’t ask a fear to be rational or they will die).


Writer’s report, 15 thousand words

My novel is increasing speed and I hope to break the 15 thousand words mark by today, which would be around the 25% word count of the total novel. The third chapter is about to be finished and I have loved every minute of it.

Today I will share just three quick points: a) my next step, b) an incredible event of serendipity and c) a word of encouragement, you’ll love that one, and it’s not just for writers.

My next step

Once I finish the third chapter I will have to make some modifications to my novel’s “bible”. You’d remember that from my previous post, a document which organizes all the information regarding my project. First, the chapter summaries will have to be rewritten to reflect what I actually wrote instead of what I planned to.

You see, I plan, but then I’m flexible, I let the story and the characters “tell me” what they need. Then I will work on with the master summary, that will not need so huge modifications; it’s still the same basic story after all. Finally, I will update my novel’s timeline and the characters and location files, making also note of the things that need attention.


The Zone

This post is a translation from “La Zona”, in El canasto one of the most important productivity blogs in Spanish. La Zona is CC -by sa Jeroen Sangers. The Zone is CC -by -sa Jeroen Sangers and Miguel de Luis Espinosa.

If you are working in the zone you lose the sense of time. You are very focused and you enjoy what you are doing; surely you have been in “the zone” some time. There are people who spend much time in the zone. How do they do it?


Publishing my first novel; for real

Millions dream about writing a book. Hundred of thousands start one. Most abandon before reaching the 10,000 words mark. A few keep on to that “The End” line.

I have done that.

But I haven’t “really” published. What do I mean by “really”? Easy, to be published by someone who will be risking money. These days you can upload your book to Lulu.com and sell it there. Hey, I have done that and share a book with a few friends. And you know it does feel great to have something physical. There are very serious people who publish on lulu; not a criticism of any kind to that.



A blog I like: A boundless world -1

“Old age does not make you wise. It makes you older and gives you the chance to be wiser. The former is free, for the later you have to work.”
Emilio Suñé, a teacher of mine, translated.

But today, I am not speaking about me, but about Bud Hennekes, a person that I have discovered through the web, and the blog of wisdom he has built at the age of what? Seventeen years? But to be wise, aren’t you supposed to sport a long beard and live on the peak of a mountain, five miles off Shangri-La?


A+ School Productivity – Introduction

Courtesy K Dooley CC -by

Courtesy K Dooley CC -by

I still remember  my school years. It was all like a game of ever changing rules. Once you get used to primary, you have to enter in the fearful dimension of highschool. If a teacher loves his students to be creative, you can bet the next one would rather prefer them serious, and may God help you if you use color in your essays.  However, there is a sure thing, every teacher wants homework done on time. Which it’s a pity, because, who likes deadlines?


I am disabled

I have feared it for a long time. I am disabled and sooner or later somebody was going to notice. Maybe you have already noticed. Maybe you are noticing right now. So, it’s  OK, I have to admit that my disability is that I am not a native speaker of the English language.

So what?

So many of the daily bits of life you are so familiar with are alien to me. My opportunities to practice the language will always be more limited and often need special dedication. It’s obvious: I just cannot be as good as a native. (more…)

Second Step to health: Daring Fun!

Welcome again for the second post on Steps to Health, written by someone who is no expert at anything. Just a fatty who decided to diet for life, to believe in himself. That attitude changed everything.

But we spoke about believing in the previous post. This one is about daring. This is when we actually find there are fifty barbs to every rose. This when we fail, and try again until we finally succeed. And we enjoy the ride!