Little Mountain Development Could Start Next Year

Fairchild TV - June 10, 2011

Construction work for affordable housing on the Little Mountain site was supposed to have started last year but it is still on hold as the City and the developer could not reach an agreement on the density of the project.

Councillor Kerry Jang said, “It’s a very large site. We wanted to make sure the buildings, however they go, how many people go there, actually would be accepted in the neighbourhood as well. So it took a little bit of time to get that work done but I am glad to say that they’ve come to a rough agreement as to what should happen there. And now it’s time to start unveiling it to the general public to see how they feel about it.”

He said the plan will still has at least 224 affordable housing units but the density will be lower than that of False Creek.

Rider Cooey a housing advocate, said the developer and the BC government (BC Housing) have their own agenda which was to get people out as soon as possible regardless of how quickly they would develop the land.