Councillor To Introduce Motion Calling On Province To Fund Emergency Shelters

World Journal B4 - October 11, 2011

This winter could be the coldest in the past 20 years for Canada’s western provinces, according to AccuWeather.com.

Vision Vancouver Councillor Kerry Jang announced he will move a motion at City Council next week to seek emergency funding for the City’s HEAT shelters to accommodate the homeless in the winter.

The low-barrier shelters allow pets and safe storing of personal belongings.

Last winter, shelters were opened in the West End, Kits, False Creek, and Mt Pleasant, along with ongoing shelters at 201 Central, the Stanley New Fountain and First United Church.

Since first opening, the shelters have helped make a significant contribution to the reduction of street homelessness in Vancouver, from 811 people in 2008 to 145 in 2011 – an 82% reduction in three years.

Jang said the City is committed to providing the space for HEAT shelters, but it needs the Provincial Government to again step up to provide funding for the services.

The motion will go before Council on Tuesday October 18th, and Jang hopes it will receive unanimous support