Ten Days

In ten days I will run my first trail 25k. And I’m not afraid. In retrospect, I wish I would have found myself here sooner.

Like walking past that cupcake a hundred times before losing all your self control and jamming the whole thing down your windpipe, the woods have been calling out to me for some time. I tried to stifle my urge to get out there, my inner voice saying “you mustn’t run! You will become weak! You will become fat! You are a terrible runner and so you just should not do it!” Now that I’m here I don’t think in terms of weak and strong, fat and thin, can and can’t, but instead “Where are we going today?” It might take us a long time, or maybe not.


The Zone

This post is a translation from “La Zona”, in El canasto one of the most important productivity blogs in Spanish. La Zona is CC -by sa Jeroen Sangers. The Zone is CC -by -sa Jeroen Sangers and Miguel de Luis Espinosa.

If you are working in the zone you lose the sense of time. You are very focused and you enjoy what you are doing; surely you have been in “the zone” some time. There are people who spend much time in the zone. How do they do it?


Publishing my first novel; for real

Millions dream about writing a book. Hundred of thousands start one. Most abandon before reaching the 10,000 words mark. A few keep on to that “The End” line.

I have done that.

But I haven’t “really” published. What do I mean by “really”? Easy, to be published by someone who will be risking money. These days you can upload your book to Lulu.com and sell it there. Hey, I have done that and share a book with a few friends. And you know it does feel great to have something physical. There are very serious people who publish on lulu; not a criticism of any kind to that.



A blog I like: A boundless world -1

“Old age does not make you wise. It makes you older and gives you the chance to be wiser. The former is free, for the later you have to work.”
Emilio Suñé, a teacher of mine, translated.

But today, I am not speaking about me, but about Bud Hennekes, a person that I have discovered through the web, and the blog of wisdom he has built at the age of what? Seventeen years? But to be wise, aren’t you supposed to sport a long beard and live on the peak of a mountain, five miles off Shangri-La?


A+ School Productivity – Introduction

Courtesy K Dooley CC -by

Courtesy K Dooley CC -by

I still remember  my school years. It was all like a game of ever changing rules. Once you get used to primary, you have to enter in the fearful dimension of highschool. If a teacher loves his students to be creative, you can bet the next one would rather prefer them serious, and may God help you if you use color in your essays.  However, there is a sure thing, every teacher wants homework done on time. Which it’s a pity, because, who likes deadlines?


I am disabled

I have feared it for a long time. I am disabled and sooner or later somebody was going to notice. Maybe you have already noticed. Maybe you are noticing right now. So, it’s  OK, I have to admit that my disability is that I am not a native speaker of the English language.

So what?

So many of the daily bits of life you are so familiar with are alien to me. My opportunities to practice the language will always be more limited and often need special dedication. It’s obvious: I just cannot be as good as a native. (more…)

Second Step to health: Daring Fun!

Welcome again for the second post on Steps to Health, written by someone who is no expert at anything. Just a fatty who decided to diet for life, to believe in himself. That attitude changed everything.

But we spoke about believing in the previous post. This one is about daring. This is when we actually find there are fifty barbs to every rose. This when we fail, and try again until we finally succeed. And we enjoy the ride!